People of the Poverty and Inequality Research Centre


Sharon Bessell, Director

Sharon Bessell is Director of the Poverty and Inequality Research Centre, Director of the Children’s Policy Centre, and Professor of Public Policy at the Crawford School.

Her research revolves around issues of equality, social justice and human rights, with a focus on the gendered and generational dimensions of poverty and social policy for children. 

Over the past 12 years, she has led research to develop the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty (IMMP). Professor Bessell designed the research that underpins the Measure; co-led (with Associate Professor Janet Hunt) the 2016-2020 IDM Program that demonstrated the feasibility of a new approach to measuring multidimensional poverty and culminated in the IMMP; and leads research and engagement in Indonesia around the IMMP.

She is currently leading several research projects, including Assessing Childhood Poverty in Indonesia (funded by the Australian Research Council); New Policy Approaches to Addressing Childhood Poverty in Australia (funded by the ANU Policy Hub); and Valuing the Past, Sustaining the Future: Growing up, living, and learning in small coastal communities (funded by the Norwegian Research Council).

She teaches in the areas of global social policy, international development, gender and development, and children and social policy.


Budy Resosudarmo, Deputy Director

Budy P. Resosudarmo is a developmental and environmental economist working on interlinks between natural shocks and environmental condition and local economies, household incomes, human development and the environment, and investigating the political economy of environmental policies and resource utilisation. Since mid 1990s, he has been publishing series of articles on the impacts of energy, air pollution and climate change policies on local economy as well as human welfare and health condition. He has also been working on policies supporting the development and resilience of small-scale fishing communities in small islands. More recently, the focus of his research has been on improving our understanding toward the consequences of natural shocks during childhood on adulthood development outcomes.

Budy has been mostly working on development and environmental issues in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. In conducting his research, he implements, among others, impact evaluation, spatial and inter-regional modelling techniques. He. has been active and contribution on development of academic association in the field of regional science and environmental economics in Southeast Asia. He was the 1997-1998 president of the Regional Science Association International, the 2013-2015 president of the Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization, the 2012-2015 vice president of the East Asia Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, and the 2009-2017 vice president of the Indonesian Regional Science Association.

Budy is currently a member of the Council of the Regional Science Association International, member of the Director Board of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics, member of the Advisory Committee of the Economy and Environment Institute-Indonesia and member of the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Regional Science Indonesia.


Angie Bexley

Angie Bexley is the Deputy Director of the Children's Policy and Centre and Senior Research Fellow at the Poverty and Inequality Centre. 

Over the last twenty years, Angie has conducted extensive fieldwork in Indonesia and Timor-Leste and published on issues of intergenerational politics, minorities and the drivers of social exclusion and poverty, and fieldwork. Her co-edited book with Dr Maj Nygaard-Christensen is titled "Fieldwork in Timor Leste: Understanding Social Change through Practice".

Angie has designed, managed, evaluated and provided advice to major DFAT funded projects throughout the Asia pacific and has worked for organisations including The Asia Foundation, Oxfam, The Carter Center, and Plan International. 

Angie is currently a Senior Research Fellow on the ARC project, "Understanding Childhood Poverty in Indonesia" and Senior Research Fellow at the Poverty and Inequlaity Research Centre. She is the lead author of the Individual Deprivation Measure Indonesia Country Study and also contributes to the analysis on gender and poverty and stakeholder engagement with the Indonesian government. 


Janet Hunt

Janet Hunt is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU. From 2016-2020 she co-led the ANU-IDM team and overall Program management. She worked closely on the revision of the IDM surveys and the IDM South Africa study, and was centrally involved in the development of IDM scoring scheme and index construction. Janet was a chief investigator on the Assessing Development project.


Mark McGillivray

Mark McGillivray is Professor of International Development at Deakin University and Honorary Professor at the ANU. His research focuses on aid effectiveness and allocation, multidimensional well-being and poverty indices, and inequality in well-being between countries.

Prior to joining Deakin Institute, Mark was Chief Economist of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), in Canberra, Australia, and he was Deputy Director of the United Nations World Institute for Development Economics Research, in Helsinki, Finland.


Celia Vuckovic

Celia Vuckovic is the Centre program and research officer. She is experienced in stakeholder liaison, editing, and producing communications materials for a range of audiences. Celia has a background in philanthropy and with civil society organisations.

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