Food Insecurity during COVID-19 in Cambodia and Laos

This Project aims to develop research capacity among young Cambodian and Laos academics working for different research institutions in those countries, and to strengthen understanding, trust and influence across international networks as well as collaboration and connections between institutions and communities in this region.

Young academics who recently received a master’s degree from quality universities are invited to join a training and collaborative research program on socio-economic and food insecurity impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program includes:

  • 2 weeks webinar training on quantitative research methods

  • 6 months of coached online and phone data gathering and analysis

  • 3 months of coached paper writing, and

  • webinar seminars

This Project is a collaborative activity between the ANU Poverty and Inequality Research Centre and the Asian Vision Institute in Phnom Penh. Generous supports have been provided by the DFAT Australia-ASEAN CouncilANU Crawford School of Public Policy and the Asian Vision Institute.


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