"Making the invisible, visible" podcast series


The "Making the invisible, visible" podcast series is presented by Policy Forum and hosted by Aarti Betigeri, with the ANU research team that worked on the Individual Deprivation Measure Program (now IMMP). Each episode delves into a specific area of poverty research to help policymakers better understand and respond to poverty. Listen through the embedded links below, or wherever you get your podcasts: just search "Policy Forum Pod"!

Episode 1: Making the invisible, visible 

In the first episode in our ‘Making the invisible, visible’ bonus series, Professor Sharon Bessell joins us to discuss the limitations of the international poverty line and what new research has revealed about the gendered, multidimensional nature of poverty.

Episode 2: Gender and Poverty  

Janet Hunt and Sharon Bessell join us to get behind the data from the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty project, and discuss what this tells us about the gendered dimensions of poverty.

Episode 3: Poverty in South Africa 

Aarti Betigeri chats with Dr Helen Suich about what research through the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty project has revealed about patterns of poverty in South Africa.

Episode 4: Deprivation in Southeast Asia’s most populous nation

In this episode, Dr Angie Bexley joins us to discuss Indonesia’s recent progress on poverty reduction, and what the findings of the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty reveal about deprivation in the country’s remote eastern provinces.

Episode 5: Understanding multidimensional poverty for people with disability

On the penultimate episode in our Policy Forum Pod bonus mini-series on poverty, Helen Suich and Angie Bexley join us to discuss what their research shows about the intersection of poverty and disability, and why policymakers must recognise that people with disability have rights, not just needs.

Episode 6: COVID-10 and multidimensional poverty

In the final episode of our special Policy Forum Pod bonus mini-series, Professor Sharon Bessell examines the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis on those already experiencing deprivation.

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