Our aim is to undertake rigorous and innovative research to make the invisible, visible – and to contribute to a world in which no-one is left behind.

The Poverty and Inequality Research Centre undertakes research to assess and better understand poverty and inequality – in order to inform policy, programs and services.   Our research aims to identify which social groups experience poverty or inequality and how, to develop appropriate responses, and to uncover structural causes.

Our research is interdisciplinary and embraces both theoretical and technical innovation. Our approach is to use mixed methods – from large scale surveys to participatory methods – to understand, assess, and respond to poverty and inequality. 

Central to our research is the Individual Measure of Multidimensional Poverty (IMMP). The IMMP is an innovative, gender sensitive measure of multidimensional poverty, designed to provide decision-makers with the detailed and nuanced information needed to develop effective public policies, programs, and services.

What is Individual Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty?

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