Indonesia Policy Engagement and Workshops

In October and November 2020, the IMMP research team held two virtual workshops with local government agencies in Pangkep and Jeneponto Regencies in Indonesia. These workshops presented detailed findings and analysis of the data collected during the IDM program. Policy-makers came together in the workshops, facilitated by Professor Ansariadi at UNHAS, to apply these learnings to the development of focused and targeted policies.

The findings from the study have been received enthusiastically by Indonesian stakeholders, and both workshops had an excellent turn-out of local government agency representatives. The feedback from Indonesian stakeholders has confirmed that the IMMP/IDM offers nuanced and new insights into how poverty is experienced - and how it is experienced differently by different groups - and therefore how it can be better alleviated.
One representative said that these findings provide the type of information needed for developing interventions that better address women and gender issues. Another representative spoke of the usefulness of this data to informing policy, planning and budget allocation, by using the IMMP to complement the data that the agencies already have.

There was further agreement that the ability of the IMMP to provide local data on disability and poverty (which other measures do not usually collect) makes it an incredibly valuable tool for policy and decision making. The workshops with Indonesian policy-makers shows that the potential of the IMMP to influence policy and services in ways that will foster gender equality, social inclusion, and poverty alleviation is very significant.

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