Webinar with Professor Sarah Bradshaw

On Wednesday 10 February 2021 the Poverty and Inequality Research Centre, together with the ANU Gender Institute, hosted a webinar with Professor Sarah Bradshaw.

Dr Sarah Bradshaw is Professor of Gender and Sustainable Development and Head of the School of Law at Middlesex University, London. A feminist and a scholar-practitioner, her work focusses on gendered rights, poverty and poverty alleviation, and household decision making. Sarah combines research with practice, having lobbied around World Bank policies, advocated for the inclusion of gendered rights in UN processes, and engaged in inter-governmental negotiations around international policy frameworks.

Professor Bradshaw spoke on Understandings of ‘natural’ and ‘disasters’ in the time of pandemic: Reflections on gendered differences in conceptualising and contextualising COVID-19.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed below.


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